May 15, 2010 Archives

May 15, 2010 Archives

Obama Weekly Address On Wall Street Reform & Main Street

White House: The President explains how Wall Street Reform will not only end bailouts and bring accountability for big banks, but empower consumers, shareholders and community banks.

Geithner: Greece's Debt Crisis Will Not Affect American Economy

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner talks with Bloomberg's Al Hunt about Europe's financial crisis. Geithner says hes confident European policy makers will contain the continents sovereign-debt crisis without harming Americas economy or financial markets. (source: Bloomberg)

Rep. Lee Gives GOP Address On Democrats' Budget Failure

Rep. Lee on Democrats' budget failure: "For you and your families, it means a missed opportunity to provide the fiscal discipline economists say is needed to create jobs and boost the economy. Whats worse, the fewer sacrifices Washington makes now, the more Americans will be asked to give up later in the form of massive, job-killing tax hikes."

AR-Sen: Lincoln Touts "Moderate" Status In Race Against Halter

Blanche Lincoln, a moderate Democrat whose votes have angered both the left and right, is facing a tough primary challenge from Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports.

Bill O'Reilly Vs. Glenn Beck On Miranda Rights

Bill and Glenn shoot it out over interrogating captured terror suspects.

FOX News Watch: White House Reporting On Itself?

Media miffed over administration's website.

BP Executive: "We Will Stop This Leak"

CNN's Brian Todd fires tough questions at one of BP's top executives who is in charge of the spill response.

FL-Sen: Rubio On Crist's Decision Not To Give GOP Money Back

Marco Rubio: "This is not about some principled person who left the Republican party because the party was going in a direction he didn't like. This is about someone who unfortunately, with all due respect, is looking to extend his political career and figured out he could not do that through the Republican party."

Tapper On Obama's Reaction To Oil Spill

Twenty-five days after the spill began, the president says he's fed up.

PA-Sen: Specter, Sestak Battle It Out As Election Day Nears

FOX News' Carl Cameron on the Democratic Senate primary in Pennsylvania.

O'Reilly: Soldiers Are The "Best Among Us"

Bill O'Reilly on the importance of supporting wounded warriors.

Krauthammer: Obama's Oil Leak Rebuke Was "Unpresidential"

Charles Krauthammer: "For the president, as always, to hover above the issue and the problem and to hurl Zeusian bolts from above at everybody except himself is really unpresidential."

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