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Ken Starr On Attacks On Kagan: "I Don't Think it Serves The Country Well"

MONICA NOVOTNY, MSNBC: Let me ask you this sir, no one is expecting Republicans to filibuster the nomination but as we’ve heard they are vowing to vigorously challenge her and as you’ve said, “that’s politics.” But is that the right strategy? STARR: Well it may be good politics but I don’t think it’s good for the Court. We have been through a generation of very divisive politics which I think is not serving the Court well and therefore I don’t think it serves the country well. But far be it from me to question the tactics of folks who are elected by their constituents to carry a particular voice. I just wish for the sake of the country that there are less rancor and acrimony. Elections have consequences. President Obama has chosen someone who is very qualified.

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