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May 10, 2010 Archives

Barbara Walters Announces She Will Have Surgery On Heart Valve
Kagan Praises Cameras In Supreme Courtroom
Kagan: Memo On Religious Teaching "Injecting" Opinion In Teen Pregnancy Prevention Was "Dumb"
Coalition for Constitutional Values Releases New Ad Supporting Elena Kagan
CA-Gov: Poizner Attacks Whitman On Immigration
US Troops Celebrate V-E Day Victory In Russia's Red Square
Kagan Botches Oral Argument In Supreme Court Appearance At Citizens United Lawsuit
Axelrod: Kagan Is "Well Qualified" And Has "Diverse Experience"
Schwarzenegger At Commencement: I Was Going To Speak In AZ, But I Was Afraid They'd "Deport" Me
Obama To Nominate Elena Kagan To Supreme Court
WH's Gibbs Defends Kagan's Lack Of Private Sector Experience
Dem Sen: Kagan To "Counter-Weight" Roberts On Supreme Court
Hatch: "This President Is Going To Appoint A Liberal"
GOP Sen. Kyl: Kagan's Positions Are "Troubling"
Lanny Davis: Kagan Is A "Strict Constructionist"
AZ-Sen: McCain Says "Complete The Danged Fence"
Scarborough On U.S. Drone Attacks In Pakistan: We Are "Just Dropping Bombs And Killing Families"
Obama: Kagan Is "One Of The Nation's Foremost Legal Minds"
Sen. Leahy Praises Kagan, Eyes Summer Confirmation
Hillary Clinton Warns Pakistan On "60 Minutes"
Obama Makes Case For Elena Kagan
Spitzer: Kagan Would "Get the Fifth Vote"
Harvard's Kagan Praises Obama, Speaks About Attending DNC Convention
Nancy Pelosi In Afghanistan: "Security, Security, Security"
GOP Sen: Kagan Will Face Questions On Health Care Law
Kagan: "Honored And Humbled" By Nomination
Teacher Says Student's Drawing Of American Flag Is "Offensive"

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