May 7, 2010 Archives

May 7, 2010 Archives

MSNBC's Matthews Floats Conspiracy That Cheney Contributed To Oil Spill

Mike Papantonio, attorney for families suing BP, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., discuss the role of the Bush administration in the oil disaster off the Gulf Coast.

Gov. Barbour: Oil Spill Is Not "Armageddon" Or A "Catastrophe"

Gov. Haley Barbour (R-Miss.) discusses the Gulf oil spill.

Pro-Mexican Flag Students Protesting American Flag Assail Man In Wheelchair

Latino students and supporters seem to go after a man in a motorized wheelchair over a Mexican flag. This is reportedly connected to the Hispanic student walkout.

RNC's Steele To MSNBC's Mitchell: "Stop With The Democrat Talking Points"

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell to RNC Chairman Michael Steele: "While you're having luaus [in Hawaii], we were digging out way out of snowbanks."

Chris Matthews Makes Rallying Cry For GOPers Who Disagree With That "Large Man" Rush Limbaugh

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: You’ve said that Rush Limbaugh is wrong. That Barack Obama is not a Nazi, right? GEORGE PATAKI, FMR. GOV. NY (R): He’s not a Nazi. MATTHEWS: We agree? PATAKI: Yes? MATTHEWS: And this administration was duly election, it’s not a regime? PATAKI: Correct. MATTHEWS: No, it’s amazing, because you’re not

Palin: America Is A Christian Nation

Former Alaska governor on National Day of Prayer controversy.

NBC Reporter To Black Republican: Are You Aligning Yourself With The "Racism" In The Tea Party?

MSNBC HOST: Lt. Col., our time is limited, but my last question to you. The Tea Party has raised concerns that it may have, I guess, racism built in it. We have seen some racist signs at past events. People have said that is not apart of the Tea Party movement, but are African-American candidates aligning themselves with the Tea Party? LT. COL

Janet Napolitano: "This Was An Attempted Terrorist Attack"

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano discusses bomb suspect Faisal Shahzad.

UK: The Story Of Election Night

Sky News looks back on an election night of high drama and some broken dreams.

Obama: Job Numbers "Very Encouraging"

Bloomberg: Payroll Jobs Up 290,000 in April; Unemployment Rises to 9.9%

CA-Sen: Republican Candidates Debate

Campbell, DeVore and Fiorina tussle over immigration, the Wall Street bailout and taxes.

Obama Economic Adviser Romer: "The Private Sector's Coming Back"

Christina Romer, one of President Obama’s top economic advisers, called Friday's report of job growth a sign that “the private sector's coming back.”

Krauthammer: "Saving The Greeks By Helping The IMF Is The Right Thing To Do"

Charles Krauthammer discusses why the bailout of Greece is crucial to ensuring economic stability.

Matthews: America Can Learn Something From The Brits

Chris Matthews discusses the advantages of Britain's electoral system.

O'Reilly: "Craven Politicians And Dishonest Media" Dividing Americans On Immigration

Bill O'Reilly on the immigration chaos that is dividing Americans.

Olbermann: Jindal Makes Hypocritical Plea For Help

Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-LA, has asked the government to intercede and help Louisiana recover from the oil spill disaster off the Gulf Coast. Previously, he vociferously rejected federal help in other matters. The Daily Kos' Markos Moulitsas discusses.

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