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April 29, 2010 Archives

Ad: Brown Trades His Truck For A Wall St. Limo
AR-Sen: Lincoln Says Halter Wants To Raise Social Security Taxes
PA-Sen: Veterans Speak Out For Joe Sestak
Rep. Paul Ryan On Seriousness Of A Debt Commission
Cameron To Brown: "What You're Hearing Is Desperate Stuff From Someone In A Desperate State"
Rielle Hunter Explains Edwards Sex Tape
PhRMA Creates "Thank You" Ad For Harry Reid "Creating Jobs"
Dem Sen Requests Obama "Reconsider" Offshore Drilling Proposal
Watch Live: Charlie Crist To Make Announcement About Senate Campaign
"Democrat For Crist" Sign At Senate Announcement
"Keep Israel Safe" Group Launches Ad
Rubio: Crist Party Switch About Convenience Not Conviction
Charlie Crist Announces Independent Bid For US Senate
Obama Announces He Will Be Sending SWAT Teams To Oil Rigs
Senate Democrats Introduce Immigration Reform Proposal
Pelosi: Immigration Reform Will Require "Presidential Leadership"
NY Senator To Republicans: "You Racist People In Here"
Sen. Shelby: Democrats "Set In Stone" On Consumer Agency
Flashback: Obama Says "Oil Rigs Today Don't Generally Cause Spills"
Krauthammer: Crist's Pledges Have A "Three Week Expiration Date"
Sen. Feinstein Against Boycott Of Arizona
GOP's Steele Talks Florida Senate Race
Arizona Gov. Brewer On Immigration Law: "We Have No Other Choice"
Limbaugh Declares The "Debate's Over" On Immigration Law
Sen. Brown: Wall Street Is "By And Large" The GOP's "Benefactor"
Pelosi: "Women Will Decide The Outcome Of This Year's Election"
Countdown: GOP Split Over AZ Illegal Immigration Law
FL-Sen: Rubio: "Can You Trust Anything Charlie Crist Says?"
Rove: Crist's Race For Senate Is All About Him
Sen. Warner: I Hope We Can Get A "Centrist" Bill

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