March 31, 2010 Archives

March 31, 2010 Archives

Krauthammer On Oil Drilling: "A Quarter Loaf At Best"

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer comments on President Obama's decision to drill domestically.

Obama To Health Care Supporters: Thank You

"We were able to get the kind of grassroots support all across the country that was able to sustain this effort during a very difficult process, and part of the reason we were able to get it done was because you were knocking on doors, you were making phone calls... it shows that you can make a difference, the same way you made a difference duri

Gibbs Concedes KSM Could Be Tried In A Military Commission

"He will be, in some form or another, either a military commission or in a federal court," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on MSNBC.

Obama Announces Expansion Of Offshore Drilling

President Obama announces plans to open parts of the Gulf of Mexico and Virginia coastline to oil drilling.

MD-Gov: Ehrlich (R) Announces His Candidacy

Baltimore Sun: Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. confirmed Tuesday that he will try to reclaim his former job as governor, hoping to benefit from a national anti-incumbent sentiment that emerged since the last presidential election and has deepened during the health care debate.

Obama Against Domestic Drilling In 2008: "It Won't" Save Money

Obama: "Believe me, if I thought there was any evidence at all that drilling would save people money who are struggling to fill up their gas tanks by this summer or this year or even the next few years, I would consider it. But it won't."

Bolton: Iran Sanctions Effort "Doomed to Fail"

Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton: "I think the most likely outcome is Iran gets nuclear weapons, and I'm afraid the White House is prepared to accept that."

Code Pink Protester Explains Attempt To Arrest Karl Rove

Code Pink co-founder says she "did not disrupt the event" by trying to handcuff the former Bush adviser who she believes is a "criminal."

Salazar: Cap-And-Trade Not "In The Lexicon Anymore"

The Hill: "I think the term 'cap-and-trade' is not in the lexicon anymore," Salazar, a former senator, said during an interview on CNBC when asked if the climate change regulation system would be abandoned.

Rep. Maxine Waters: Tea Party Behavior "Outlandish"

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA): "The Tea Party emerges as not only outrageous, but they have turned up the volume in ways that even Code Pink have not been able to do."

Rep. Shadegg: Americans Don't Like Things "Crammed Down Their Throats"

Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) and Newsweek's Jon Meacham discuss the public anger over the health care reform bill.

Jake Tapper On Obama's Offshore Drilling Plans

President Obama is expected to expand drilling for oil along the U.S. coastline.

Joe Biden On Taxes: "You Call it Redistribution of Income," I Call It "Just Being Fair"

Yahoo: "It's a simple proposition to us: Everyone is entitled to adequate medical health care," Biden says. "If you call that a 'redistribution of income' -- well, so be it. I don't call it that. I call it just being fair -- giving the middle class taxpayers an even break that the wealthy have been getting."

Is RNC Chairman's Job in Peril?

Michael Steele is under fire for his organization's questionable spending.

O'Reilly: Media Ignores Left-Wing Hate

Bill O'Reilly discusses the rampant hatred coming from both the left and the right.

Special Report Panel on Iran's Nuclear Program

Steve Hayes, Juan Williams and Charles Krauthammer discuss a new CIA report that says that Iran is expanding its nuclear capabilities.

Countdown: GOP Tries to Take Credit for Popular HC Reform Measures

Keith Olbermann and The Atlantic's Josh Green discuss Sen. John Cornyn's memo that says that Republicans should take credit for the popular things in the health care bill.

Maddow: Hutaree Militia Not an Isolated Case of Anti-Government Extremism

Rachel Maddow and Crooks and Liars' David Neiwert discuss the planned armed Second Amendment march on Washington in April.

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