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Flashback: Rahm Emanuel Scolds Massa For Being Too Angry


Emanuel: I don’t want you to be on TV tonight to be angry.

Massa: Alright.

Emanuel: Ok. Take it down a notch. Ok?

Massa: Ok.


Massa: I never had admiral walk on my ship who wasn’t inspecting me. So I think that anyone in the military knows that a visit from headquarters often brings bad news. He wants to fine tune me. He wants to refine me. But my problem is I am who I am and that’s…I’m not very refinable. He thinks I’m too fiery. Did I sound angry?

(Unidentified woman, perhaps his daughter): You always sound angry.


Emanuel: You’ve gotta smile

Massa: I know.

Emanuel: Have fun. If all people see is anger, they’ll see anger. Be

Massa: Rahm Emanuel says I’m too uptight.

Someone off-cam: F**k him

Massa: Now of course for him to say I’m too uptight. He’s a pretty serious guy. I’ve never see him smile once in all the time I’ve seen him on TV.

Someone off cam: If you got this far without Rahm Emanuel’s help, F**k him.

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