February 12, 2010 Archives

February 12, 2010 Archives

Senator Bond Not Apologizing to WH, Brennan

CBS News: Missouri Senator Kit Bond, a vocal critic of the administration's handling of the Christmas Day bombing attempt, said on "Washington Unplugged" Thursday that he has no plans to apologize for his call for President Obama's top counterterr

Durbin: D.C. Residents Panic As If Snowstorm Is A "Nuclear Attack"

"I am convinced that infants born in Washington, D.C., are taken from the arms of their loving mothers right when they are born into a room where someone shows a film of a snowstorm with shrieking and screaming so that those children come to believe snow is a mortal enemy, like a nuclear attack, because I have seen, for over 40 years here, peopl

Dem Sen. Rockefeller On Obama: "He's Beginning To Be Not Believable To Me"

"He says 'I'm for clean coal,' and then he says it in his speeches, but he doesn't say it in here," said Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia. "And he doesn't say it in the minds of my own people. And he's beginning to not be believable to me."

O'Donnell: Bush "Invited The First [Terrorist] Attack"

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell: "Isn't it true that the President you worked for [George W. Bush] invited the first attack by having no idea what was going on with al Qaeda?"

AG Holder Open To Military Trial For KSM

NBC's Jim Miklaszewski discusses a Washington Post report that Attorney General Eric Holder may be open to trying the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks before a military commission.

Andrew Young On Elizabeth Edwards Lawsuit Threat

Andrew Young on "The Early Show" discussing Elizabeth Edwards' lawsuit threat.

Howard Dean On The Filibuster And Health Care

MSNBC: Howard Dean, former chairman of the Democratic Party, talks with Rachel Maddow about the likelihood of the Senate filibuster rule being curtailed and how Democrats can get anything done with an absolutely obstructionist opposition.

Gregg: Financial Reform Should Have "All Republicans At The Table"

"I think the best procedure is what we were doing, which was to reach agreement on everything."

Rep. Patrick Kennedy Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election

AP: Rep. Patrick Kennedy released a video message saying he has decided not to seek re-election to Congress. Kennedy says his life is "taking a new direction" just months after the death of his father and mentor, Sen. Edward Kennedy.

FOX's Wallace Responds To Scarborough: "I'm Offended That People Watch Him On MSNBC"

Daily Beast: Fox News host Chris Wallace denied accusations Thursday from Joe Scarborough that he rolled his eyes after his interview with Sarah Palin, and he gave the MSNBC host a thorough thrashing in the process. His advice for Joe: "Switch to decaf."

Update: Bill Clinton Leaves Hospital

Bill Clinton released from hospital, waves and thanks crowd.

O'Reilly: Are You A Socialist?

Bill O'Reilly: Socialism is the exact opposite of our capitalistic system.

Maddow: Medicare, Social Security In GOP Cross Hairs

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow reacts to Republican Congressman Paul Ryan's proposed budget that would slash and then privatize Medicare and Social Security, and the revelation that Congressman Ryan believe that President Obama harbors a desire to impose a secret Nazi agenda

Paterson: Rumors Against Me Are "Kafkaesque"

New York Gov. David Paterson (D) says media reports about a sex scandal and corruption are "rumors."

Olbermann: Keeping Health Care Negotiations In The Dark

Quick Comment: House Republicans who once agreed to C-SPAN’s decision to televise health care negotiations, now refuse to support it.

"Special Report" Panel On Calls For The Head Of John Brennan

'All-Star' panel discusses attacks on Obama's top counter-terrorism adviser. Charles Krauthammer calls the left hypocrites for going after Bush during his administration but want to stop partisan attacks now.

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