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Rep. Weiner Tries To Ban Cameras From Town Hall Event

Wednesday night one local congressman facing a crowd of protestors tried to keep CBS 2 HD (NY) cameras out. The forum was one viewers almost didn't see, after Congressman Anthony Weiner's staffers said the meeting was not open to our cameras.


Faced with our insistence that cameras be allowed, Weiner arrived and was snippy.

Weiner: "This isn't for channel 2. This is for my constituents."

CBS 2 HD: "It's a public forum."

Weiner: "Settle down buddy. This is not about Channel 2 News. As much as you might think the earth revolves around you, it doesn't." He agreed to let us in and moments later, the forum got raucous, amidst an emotional topic that affects millions.

WCBS-TV: Rep. Weiner Tries To Ban CBS 2 HD From Town Hall

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