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Liz Cheney: Democrats "Uncomfortable" With Killing al-Qaeda

Liz Cheney says Democrats are "uncomfortable with the notion that we have to capture and kill al-Qaeda."

LIZ CHENEY: "Well, in my view, you know, I think they don't understand that it's a war. And you know, they sort of, some of them have started to adopt the language of acknowledging it's a war because they understand the American people know it's a war. But fundamentally, deep down, I think they really are uncomfortable with the notion that we have to capture and kill al-Qaeda, that we have to get information, that we can't win the war without intelligence, that if you just ask terrorists nicely and read them the Miranda rights they're not going to give you intelligence. They're uncomfortable with those notions, they'd rather treat this as law enforcement, they'd rather run these guys through the American court system and so I think this is in part an effort to discredit all of those programs that were very effective precisely because they did recognize that we were at war. But I think, you know, we've been down this path before and the American people have an awful lot of common sense about this: they know it's a war. And I do think the Democrats are entering very dangerous territory here of reminding everybody once again why the Republicans do a better job of defending the nation."

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