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Sarah Palin On The "Michael Dukes Show"

AP: Gun rights enthusiasts welcomed Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as she made an appearance Friday on a radio talk show, whose callers included rock n' roller turned avid hunter Ted Nugent. Palin spoke on the Michael Dukes' "Firearms Friday" show on KFAR radio in Fairbanks. She was in Alaska's second largest city to sign a gun rights bill and several resolutions. After talking with Nugent, Palin took some questions from listeners. Most of them said they supported her decision to resign but were disappointed. "I chose not to play their game," Palin explained. She wanted instead to free herself of the constraints of the governor's job so that she could again "get out there and fight," she said. As governor, she was forced to answer ethics complaints filed by anonymous people, Palin said. "They do things like that," Palin said. "I can handle it but not when it cost the state the time and money it has cost." ** Palin also said that her son is not a registered Republican.

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