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Left-Wing Radio Host Schultz Critical Of Franken

Liberal radio talk show host Ed Schultz goes on tirade against Sen. Al Franken (D-MN): "Franken, I don't care if it's his first day in the Senate, I don't like what I'm hearing! How do you stand in front of crowds and listen to what people want for several years and then go to Washington and say, I'm proud to be number two from Minnesota! That's my vote, buddy! I did everything I could to help you defeat Norm Coleman! I don't want you to go say that you're the number two senator from Minnesota. I don't want the bar lowered to the point where, well, we're really not sure if we can get this done or not. Where's all that tough talk in these books you sold about what a big fatass Limbaugh is! Why don't you go call the Republicans a bunch of fatasses and we're going to kick your ass and IT'S TIME NOW TO GET IT DONE!" (source: Radio Equalizer)

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