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McCain: U.S. Has "Moral Obligation" To Support Iranians

Senator John McCain said today that the United States needs to be on the "right side of history" in responding to the disputed Iranian elections and ensuing protests. Appearing on CBS' Face The Nation, the Arizona Republican said the U.S. has had a long history of defending disenfranchised citizens across the world, and that the violence apparently inflicted by a government upon its citizens makes this a "human rights issue." "America's position in the world is one of moral leadership," the senator said. "It's not about what takes place in the streets of Iran. It is about what takes place in America's conscience." Sen. McCain praised US technology such as Twitter being used by the Iranians to communicate. McCain thinks it is possible for Gitmo detainees to come to the US if there was a plan to put them in a secure detention center. So far, Sen. McCain thinks President Obama has "done well." However, he says there has been no bipartisanship. CBS News: McCain: U.S. Must Be On "Right Side Of History" In Iran

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