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Letterman On "Slut" Remark: "I Kinda Like That Joke"

"Last Show" host David Letterman responded to letters from Sarah and Todd Palin concerning dirty jokes he made about the Governor and her 14-year-old daughter. Letterman took the whole thing as a joke and tried to make the Palins look like they were buffoons. Letterman, did however admit he is "guilty of poor taste." Letterman ended the segment by inviting the Palins on his show. VIDEO: Malkin: Letterman Suffers From "Palin Derangement Syndrome" VIDEO: Letterman: Palin Updated Her "Slutty Flight Attendant" Look In NY VIDEO: Letterman Attacks Palin's Daughter: She Was Knocked Up By A-Rod AUDIO: Palin Responds To Letterman Attack: "Pathethic" RELATED: CBS Altered Letterman Transcript, Not New York Times Follow Real Clear Politics on Twitter.

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