June 8, 2009 Archives

June 8, 2009 Archives

Full Interview: Palin On Obama's Policies: "We Told Ya So"

Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) told Sean Hannity that we are heading to socialism in an exclusive interview on the FOX News Channel. After Hannity listed a number of questionable or failing Obama policies, Palin responded "we told ya so." PALIN: America is digging a deeper hole and how are we paying for this govern

Gingrich: Obama "Bowing To Saudi King Is Not An Energy Policy"

Newt Gingrich speaking a fundraiser hosted by the Naitonal Republican Congressional and Senatorial committees.

Mark Levin Rips Newt Gingrich As A "Phony" And "Has-Been"

Mark Levin criticized former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich as a "pseudo-conservative." This was part of a nearly half-an-hour rant on the nationally syndicated "Mark Levin Show." Colin Powell did not escape criticism from Levin, either. Levin castigated him for voting for Obama. "Powell not only voted for him," Levin said, "he announced i

Gingrich: Obama Would Destroy The American Health Care System

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich wants to create a system based on modernization and save enormous amounts of money without going to a British-style system.

Secretary Salazar On Creating Jobs

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar talks about the Obama administration plans to create jobs in the coming months.

Krauthammer On Obama's NK Policy, Nuclear Japan

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer "commended" the Obama administration on their North Korean policy. Krauthammer says North Korea no longer has a bargaining chip. Krauthammer also suggested a nuclear Japan would make China pressure the North Koreans to give up their nuclear hopes,

Howard Dean On The Public/Private Health Care Reform

Howard Dean speaks about public health care on "Countdown." Dean says there will be an option for a public or private plan. Dean says Republicans are in "the wrong" and have "stooped" low when it comes to the politics of health care.

Laura Bush On Life After WH, Cheney, Sotomayor

The former first lady weighs in on Dick Cheney and the state of the GOP. "I think that's his right as a citizen and I think he also feels obligated and I understand why he wants to speak out," Bush said of Cheney. Laura Bush said her husband feels like Obama deserves his "silent" on issues as a former President.

Olbermann Discusses "Right-Wing" Domestic Terrorists

Scott Roeder, the accused killer of Dr. George Tiller, warns of future acts of terrorism against abortion providers. Former U.S. Attorney Denise O'Donnell discusses how the government should handle the threat.

Former Detainee: I Was Tortured At Guantanamo

ABC News: In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Boumediene said the interrogators at Gitmo never once asked him about this alleged plot, which he denied playing any part it. "I'm a normal man," said Boumediene, who at the time of his arrest worked for the Red Crescent, providing help to orphans and others in need. "I'm not a terrorist." Aft

Palin On Obama's Policies: "Told Ya So"

Below is a brief transcript of Sean Hannity's interview with Gov. Sarah Palin airing tonight on "Hannity." (Transcript via the Drudge Report) PALIN: We’re borrowing from China and we consider that now we own sixty percent of GENERAL MOTORS – or the U.S. government does… But who is the U.S. gov

Obama: US In "Very Deep Recession"

President Obama called the smaller-than-expected slashing of jobs a sign that the economy was moving in the right direction. But he cautioned bluntly that "we're still in the middle of a very deep recession" and that "it's going to take a considerable amount of time for us to pull out of."

Sotomayor Tells Press "She's Fine" After Fracturing Ankle

"I feel fine, thank you," Judge Sonia Sotomayor told members of the press after they asked if she was okay.

Obama's International Date Causes Stir In Paris

President Obama, Michelle Obama and their children toured the sites of Paris, and created quite a stir. They ate at fancy restaurants, toured an art museum and met with the President and First Lady of France.

O'Reilly On "Liberal Hypocrisy"

Bill O'Reilly focuses his talking points on liberalism and human rights.

Interview With Laura Bush

Former First Lady Laura Bush spoke about her latest charitable works, the former's president's silence, and former Vice President Cheney's outspokenness on the country's anti-terror policies.

Robert Reich on Obama, The Economy & Public Opinion

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich talks about public opinion on President Obama's handling of the economy.

"Today" Show Mocks Obama's Use Of Teleprompter

NBC: "Today" takes a closer look at a member of the White House that has been getting a lot of attention -- the President's teleprompter.

Sotomayor Fractures Ankle At NY Airport

AP: Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor broke her ankle Monday morning in an airport stumble on her way to Washington to meet with senators who will vote on her confirmation.The federal judge, who has been keeping up a busy schedule of appointments on Capitol Hill, tripped at New York's LaGuardia Airport before boa

Clinton: Charges "Unfounded" Against Journalists

AP: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the charges against American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee are unfounded and the U.S. is 'pursuing every possible approach' to secure their release.

Sen. Hatch On Cost Of Universal Health Care

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) on how we will (or won't) pay for a universal health care plan.

Richardson: "Hopeful Signs" NK Situation Can Be Handled

CNN: Experienced diplomat, Gov. Bill Richardson discusses how the situation with North Korea could be handled. He discusses the two journalists who have been jailed and sentenced.

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