May 5, 2009 Archives

May 5, 2009 Archives

Ron Paul On Republican Party, Individual Freedom

Rep. Ron Paul appears on the "Rachel Maddow" show to discuss the the GOP listening tour effort.

Karl Rove On Re-Energizing The GOP

Karl Rove says the Republican party has to offer an "positive" and "optimistic" message between now and the 2010 election cycle.

O'Reilly On How The GOP Can Make A Comeback

FOX News' Bill O'Reilly gives advice to the Republican party.

Rep. Joe Sestak Questions "Reliability" Of Specter

Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) questioned how reliable Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) will be for the Democratic party. Commenting on his party change, Sestak said "you don't run from a fight when it gets tough." Sestak wants to know what Specter's policy will be for education and health care, an issue the Congressman claims he "derailed" in the past.

Olbermann Names Obama "Worse" For Cinco De Cuatro Flap

Keith Olbermann names Barack Obama "worse" person in the world for Monday's "cuatro de cinco" flap.

Carville: Specter Will Be Least Reliable Democrat

James Carville says Sen. Specter became a Democrat because he wanted to win an election.

Meg Whitman On Running For CA Governor

Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman is running for governor in California and is opposed to Obama's tax hikes on businesses.

Obama, Biden Pay Visit To Local Burger Joint

AP: In this state of mind, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden took a short — but wholly noticeable — motorcade ride from the White House to Virginia and pulled into a small, independent burger joint called Ray's Hell Burger. The two leaders went right up to the counter where the meat was being grilled and ordered.

Santelli Rips CNBC Colleagues Over Ethics Question

A CNBC panel including the channel's all-stars discussed if it is "ethical" to lie if it can "stabilize" the financial system. Commentator Steve Leisman was entertaining this type of thinking but wouldn't admit that he supported it. Chicago's Rick Santelli shot back and told him he sounds like Richard Nixon and asked who did he vote for. Leisman to

Elizabeth Edwards On Affair, Baby And Hotel Visit

Oprah Winfrey interviews Elizabeth Edwards about her husband's affair. Edwards said her wedding wish to her husband, former Senator John Edwards, was for him to be faithful.

Fourth Grader Quizzes Rice On Torture

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Jewish elementary school students that the Bush administration did not use torture tactics. Her remarks were in response to a question from a fourth-grader about interrogation of prisoners.

Reid: Obama Should Make Unconventional SCOTUS Pick

Sen. Harry Reid told the "Today" show President Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court doesn't necessarily have to be a judge and suggested a former Senator or Governor should be considered. Reid added he wants someone with "real life" experiences rather than a judge who wears black robes all the time, Reid said he feels "comfortable" that Obama'

Air Force Photo-Op To Remain Classified

The White House says they will not release the photos from a photo-op that scared New Yorkers. Hot Air: Scare Force One pics to remain classified

Gergen, Madden, Johns On GOP Rebranding

David Gergen, Kevin Madden and Joe Johns react to GOP efforts to rebrand their party in light of Sen. Specter's defection.

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