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Hillary Clinton Questions Dick Cheney's Credibility

ABC News: Rep. Rohrbacher referred to Mr. Cheney's recent comments where he claimed the memos released by the Obama administration last week tend to only show the work of CIA interrogators and Justice Department officials in a negative light. The congressman went on to say that Mr. Cheney believes specific documents that are still classified will show that information gleaned from those interrogations aided the national security interests of the United States.

"Are you in favor of releasing the documents that Dick Cheney has been requesting be released?," asked Rep. Rohrbacher.

"Well, it won't surprise you, I don't consider him a particularly reliable source of information," responded Secretary Clinton to a smattering of laughter in the hearing room.

Congressman Rohrbacher appeared none too pleased and went at it again. "Madam Secretary, I asked you a specific question," he said sternly.

"Congressman, I believe we ought to get to the bottom of this entire matter. I think it is in the best interest of our country and that is what the president believes and that is why he has taken the actions he did," said Clinton.

ABC News: Hillary Clinton Questions Dick Cheney's Credibility

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