April 7, 2009 Archives

April 7, 2009 Archives

Student Who Confronted Frank Explains Incident

Joel Pollak, the Harvard student who challenged Rep. Barney Frank went "On The Record" to discuss what happened. Pollak explained what Rep. Frank said during his address to Harvard law students and what made him ask the congressman a question. POLLAK: Well, to be fair, some of the people who preceded asked some fairly crazy questions

Labor Secretary Solis on "Rachel Maddow"

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis talks about the unemployment rate.

Schumer On The GOP Delaying Nominations

New York Senator Chuck Schumer talked to Rachel Maddow about how the GOP was holding up some of President Obama's nominations.

Biden Rebukes Criticism From "Dead Wrong" Cheney

CNN: Vice President Joe Biden brushed aside recent criticism by his predecessor Dick Cheney that moves by the Obama administration had put the United States at risk, telling CNN Tuesday that the former vice president was "dead wrong" and that the Bush White House had left the country in its weakest condition since the Second World War. "I don't

Brit Hume On Obama's European Trip

Brit Hume analyzes Obama's European tour.

Harvard Student Takes On Barney Frank Over Economy

WFXT-TV: It all started with a question: "How much responsibility, if any, do you have for the financial crisis?" Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and a conservative Harvard law student debated over how Frank should have handled his role as the House Chairman of the Financial Services Committee. Frank was at Harvard University for a speech at the Kenne

O'Reilly On White House "Spin"

O'Reilly examines the spin coming from the White House while Obama is overseas.

AG Holder On Sen. Stevens Case

CBS News' Katie Couric asks U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder about criticisms from the judge in the investigation of former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens.

LaHood On Obama's Top Ten To-Do List

MSNBC's Ed Schultz looks at President Barack Obama's top ten list of things to do, including closing the Guantanamo Bay prision. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood explains the list and how the Obama administration is spending the stimulus money.

Rep. Kilroy On "GOP Dirty Tricks"

Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH) on the tricks of GOP Rep. Eric Cantor.

Raw: Obama Visits Religious Museums

AP: As part of his visit to Turkey, President Barack Obama visited Aya Sofia on Tuesday. The building is both a former mosque and basilica. Obama is touring the building with the Turkish Prime Minister.

Rick Warren On Gay Marriage

Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren says on "Larry King Live" that he is "oblivious" concerning gay marriage and never compared gays to pedophiles. Pastor Warren said he is not an "anti-gay marriage activist."

Craig Crawford On Levi Johnston Interview

Congressional Quarterly's Craig Crawford discusses the Palin family response to Levi Johnston's comments on "The Tyra Banks Show."

Liberal Blogs Blame Beck, Conservatives For Cop Shootings

Left-wing blogs are blaming conservative TV and radio hosts for cop shootings.

Gingrich Analyzes Obama's European Tour

Former Speaker of the Hosue Newt Gingrich appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" to discuss President Obama and the North Korean missile test. Gingrich called the U.N.'s response to the missiles a "joke."

O'Reilly: Why The World Will Not Fight Evil

Bill O'Reilly opines on Obama's attempt to get Europe to help fight "evil-doers."

Obama Makes Surprise Visit To Iraq

AP: Cheered wildly by U.S. troops, President Barack Obama flew unannounced into Iraq on Tuesday and promptly declared it is time for Iraqis "take responsibility for their country" after America's commitment of six years and thousands of lives.

Gov. Haley Barbour Says No To Stimulus Funds

Gov. Haley Barbour explains why he's refusing part of the stimulus money allocated for his state.

"Chia Obama" Plants Removed From Stores

"Chia Obama" plants were called racist and removed from stores.

Sen. Cornyn: 2010 Will Be "Better Year" For GOP

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) discusses the gains he believes Republicans will make in 2010.

Sen. Specter On Nuclear Arms

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) discusses the nuclear arms threat around the globe and how we can reduce them while still remaining safe.

Albright: Obama Is "Exactly On Track"

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright discusses the status of the Islamic community relations with the U.S. Albright told CNN that North Korea wants "respect":

Speaker Pelosi On Obama's Trip

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discusses Obama's trip, North Korea and gun control.

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