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Howard Dean On Sebelius' Nomination

Howard Dean, who was rumored as one of Obama's top choices for Secretary of Health & Human Services, reacts to news of Sebelius' nomination to the post. Dean calls Sebelius "smart."

FOX News: Dean: I Was 'Pretty Clear' I Wanted to Be Health Secretary

Political Videos

Liberal Group: Rush The GOP's "Real" Leader

DNC's Kaine: Rush Is "He Who Must Be Obeyed"

Tavis Smiley On Obama's Handling Of Economy

Obama: US Needs To "Reset" Relationship With Russia

LaHood On Stimulus, Budget Spending

Jindal "Glad" Steele Apologized To Limbaugh

Matthews: "Anti-Abortion People" Are Terrorists

McCain Slams Obama: "So Much For Change"

In The News

Howard Dean On Steele, Limbaugh Argument

MSNBC: GOP in Exile: Some Republicans like RNC chairman Michael Steele have been...

Schumer: Obama's Iran Policy Is "Reaganesque"

Sen. Chuck Schumer says Obama's Iran foreign policy is "Reaganesque" it its boldness.

Jim Cramer Unhappy With Obama's "Radical Agenda"

On the Today Show, CNBC's Jim Cramer and Erin Burnett discuss the stock...

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