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Pelosi Advocates Criminal Probe Of Bush Administration

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she "absolutely" supports a criminal investigation into Bush administration policies. Pelosi called Sen. Leahy's "truth commission" a "good idea" but doesn't believe it goes far enough as violators would receive immunity for their testimony.


MADDOW: This is something that liberals have really been pushing. And you have stated your support for John Conyers convening an investigation into potential lawbreaking in the Bush administration.

PELOSI: Absolutely.

MADDOW: You've been outspoken about contempt of Congress charges related to the politicization of the Justice Department and that investigation. You have been less specific about how Congress should proceed on warrantless wiretapping and torture. Why is that? . . .

PELOSI: Senator Leahy has a proposal, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which is a good idea. What I have some concern about though is it has immunity. And I think that some of the issues involved here, like the services part, politicizing of the Justice Department, and the rest, they have criminal ramifications, and I don't think we should be giving them immunity.

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