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Gibbs: Address To Be "Sober Assessment"

ABC: White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs told "Good Morning America" today said that Obama would give the nation "a sober assessment about where we are and the challenges that we face."

While being frank, the president will also try to be upbeat, telling the country "we have met many big challenges before and he believes that we're on the right path. And there are better days ahead for this country."

"We're going to get this economy moving again and getting people back to work," Gibbs told "GMA." And that's the plan the president will talk about tonight."

ABC News: Economy Will Dominate Obama Speech Tonight

Gibbs also made the rounds on other morning shows. Here he is on CNN's "American Morning":

Gibbs also showed up on the "Today" show:

Gibbs reacts to stimulus critics in a pre-dawn interview on "Morning Joe":

Stay tuned to the video page as we will carry President Barack Obama's State of the Union live.

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