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Daschle "Deeply" Sorry For Tax Mistake

Health & Human Services nominee Tom Daschle told reporters he was "deeply" sorry for his tax "mistake." Daschle owed $128,000 in back taxes plus some $12,000 in interest..

"All of my life, I have assiduously tried to pay my taxes in full and on time. My failure to recognize that the use of a car was income and not a gift from a good friend was a mistake," Daschle said.

"When I realized the mistake, I notified officials and I paid the tax in full. It was completely inadvertent. But that's no excuse. I deeply apologize.

"I would hope that my mistake could be viewed in the context of 30 years of public service," Daschle added.

AFP: Daschle 'deeply' sorry for tax snafu

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