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Julian Castro: 500-Year Floods Are "Happening Every Other Year"
During Climate Forum 2020, Julian Castro (D-TX) tells Ali Velshi that "500-year floods, or 100-year floods, they're happening every other year," in part because of climate change.
Watch: MSNBC 2020 Climate Change Forum (Day 1)
Candidates appearing on Thursday will include Andrew Yang, Bernie Sanders, and Julian Castro.
Melania Trump Reopens Washington Monument After 3 Years Of Repairs
After a three-year closure, the Washington Monument is reopening to the public. First Lady Melania Trump presided over the re-opening Thursday.
Gabbard: U.S.-Saudi Arabia Alliance Is Not In Our Interest, They Directly Support Terrorism
Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) explains her criticism of President Trump after he announced U.S. support for Saudi Arabia after the nation's oil supply was attacked. In an interview with FNC's Neil Cavuto, Gabbard said she took an oath to the Constitution and to serve...
"Hardball" Roundtable: Democrats Did A "Great Job" Grilling Lewandowski, Got Him To Admit He Lies To MSNBC
MSNBC host Chris Matthews, legal analyst Cynthia Alksne, and Rep. Steve Cohen agreed that the House Judiciary Committee's Democratic counsel did a "great job" questioning former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and praised him for getting Lewandowski to admit he does not feel obligated to...
Trump: "Our Relationship Is With Israel," Not Netanyahu
President Trump made his first comments about the still-too-close-to-call parliamentary elections in Israel.
Former NYT Exec Editor Jill Abramson: I Would Do "Due Diligence" On How Kavanaugh Error Happened
In an interview presented today on FOX News Channel's 'Outnumbered Overtime,' former executive editor of The New York Times Jill Abramson reacted to the now-revised piece in the New York Times surrounding allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. "I think my...
Sandy Hook Parents Group Launches Back-To-School PSA Showing "New Normal" Of Shootings
Nicole Hockley, the founder of a group of parents who lost children in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, joins MSNBc's Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the group’s shocking, new PSA and Congress’ “holding pattern” on gun reform.
"Gun Owners of America" Ad: Democrats Have Exposed Themselves, They're Coming For Your Guns
"Gun Owners of America," a gun rights organization which says the NRA compromises too much, produced this web ad highlighting comments made by Democratic candidates at last week's primary debate.
"8chan" Owner On Congressional Testimony: QAnon Conspiracy Theory Is "Protected Political Speech In America"
Jim Watkins, the owner of online forum said lawmakers asked him about the QAnon conspiracy theory, popular with a certain set of Trump fans, during a closed-door hearing on online extremism last week in the House Homeland Security Committee. 8chan was the home of the posts that made up...
Tucker Carlson: NYT Omitted Kavanaugh Detail Because The Truth Makes Left Look Like The Fascists They Are
FOX News host Tucker Carlson said it is perfectly believable that a politically inflamed editor at 'The New York Times' would blow the publication's most important story of the year. In his monologue Tuesday night, Carlson denounced the paper and Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebrin, the authors of a new...
'Special Report' Panel: Political Fallout From Attack On Saudi Oil Facilities
Bret Baier hosts Matthew Continetti, Mara Liasson, and Josh Holmes.
Lewandowski Calls Rep. Swalwell "President Swalwell" At Congressional Hearing
Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) questioned former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski during his Sept. 17 testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN REP. JERRY NADLER (D-NY): The gentleman yields back. The gentleman from California. REP. ERIC SWALWELL...
'Late Show' Colbert Satirizes Joe Biden Showdown With "Corn Pop"
Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show' satirizes the way former Vice President Joe Biden told the story of his showdown with a neighborhood gang leader named "Corn Pop."
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