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Whither the Netroots?

Trying to gauge where the netroots might be on Joe Biden, let's turn to OpenLeft's Chris Bowers:

Now, all this buzz could be wrong, and it won't end up being Biden. Also, Biden is not a reinforcing choice, as he has served in the Senate for 38 years and supported the war back in 2002-2003. In two key ways--Iraq judgment and "change" election--that is very much the opposite of Barack Obama, and could muddle his message.

Still, when it comes to ideological leanings and campaign ability, Biden is a preferable choice to Bayh and Kaine. Rather than being a right-wing Democrat, and despite his reputation online as a hawk representing D-MBNA, Biden is pretty middle of the road for a Democrat. According to progressive punch, he comes in at 23rd out of 43 non-freshman Democrats in terms of lifetime progressive ranking, just barely behind Kerry (19th), Dodd (20th), and Obama (21st). As a campaigner, while Biden is often criticized online as never finding a camera he didn't think should be filming him, he is very familiar on the national stage, with the national media, and is a strong debater. He is also a good attack dog, and you shouldn't have to worry about him falling down in that category.

Maybe my support for Biden is mainly a testament to how poor the crop of potential candidates is than anything else. After all, being preferable to Evan Bayh isn't really saying much of at all. I think he is about an equal choice to Dodd, even though Dodd has displayed a bit of a progressive bent lately and is always on message (he does, unfortunately, have a recent scandal). Kaine is a reinforcing pick, but it is hard to swallow him as an effective governor, or an effective national campaigner. Sebelius might be a bit more reinforcing than Biden, but she is also untested as a national campainger.

Considering how the netroots are known to react, I'd say Bowers just gave a ringing endorsement.