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What's Not To Like?

A few Sarah Palin items out today. The first is from the Washington Times' Ralph Hallow, who reports that Palin is exciting some top conservatives:

With Mr. McCain not a favorite of social and fiscal conservatives, prominent leaders of the party's right flank say choosing a bona fide member of their class could re-energize the Republican base.

"Sarah Palin is a great choice," said Grover Norquist, a Republican activist best known for his economic conservatism.

"She's got it all, and is a remarkable leader who brings a number of good qualities to the table," said Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America.

Hallow also reports how some Evangelicals like Palin as well.

So, she appeals to women, conservatives and Evangelicals, and she wants to drill, drill, drill -- what's not to like? Just this: Palin's experience is not exactly deep. But given all her positives this might not be a big deal.

UPDATE: Larry Kudlow is jumping on the Palin bandwagon as well.