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Romney in Denver

From the Boston Globe:

Speaking to reporters at a lunch sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, Romney said that while McCain deserved his houses because of the "hard work" of himself and his family, "Barack Obama got a special deal from a convicted felon."

"I think it was a strange thing for Barack Obama to seize upon," Romney said. "If homes is going to be the topic of discussion that Barack Obama is going to end up on the short end of that one." ...

In Denver to help lead the Republicans' counterprogramming, Romney, for good measure, also dropped the name of Bill Ayers, the 1960s radical activist in Chicago with whom Obama has been associated in the past, as part of a broader assault on Obama's background and experience.

"Barack is a fine person, but I don't think he's ready to be president," he said.

We probably shouldn't undervalue Romney's presence in Denver issuing attacks like this. It's just the kind of thing he would be doing as McCain's running mate.