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Previewing McCain's Choices

McClatchy's Steven Thomma takes a look at the changed political landscape and what it could mean for McCain's choices:

# McCain has pulled into a neck-and-neck fight with Obama after trailing for weeks. He led 46-44 percent in a Gallup daily tracking poll released Tuesday. That lessens the need for him to make a dramatic long-shot pick such as Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive officer, to shake up the race.

# He's shored up support from social conservatives and has seen a payoff in the polls. That could make him less inclined to anger them now with an abortion-rights supporter such as former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge.

# Obama picked Biden, an experienced hand in foreign policy and debates, which could put a new emphasis on finding someone who could take on Biden in the vice presidential debate this fall.

As for what hasn't changed, economy, economy, economy. McCain has made some great inroads with voters upset over high gas prices with is call for more drilling. But that's only made him inch up in the polls. Which means whomever McCain chooses, he or she should have sound economic credentials.