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McCain Getting Closer?

NRO's Byron York is hearing chatter:

I'm told McCain's inner circle is having a final meeting on the vice presidential issue. It's not entirely clear whether it is to go through the choices again and reach a final decision, or whether it is for McCain to inform his inner circle of his choice. In any event, it looks like the decision will be set in stone today.

Tom firmly believes that McCain should avoid at all costs announcing his running mate tomorrow. My view is that, in the end, it doesn't really matter. There's too little time between now and the GOP convention for the announcement to make much difference. It's all going to meld into one big fuzzy memory in voters' minds anyway. Besides, even if McCain plans to hold off until Friday, the choice will likely leak just as Obama's did, and, because history has a sense of humor, probably right about the time Obama is scheduled to go on stage.