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Is Kaine Able?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch says Kaine is "showing a little leg" when it comes to VP talk, but others have suggested he appears to be running too hard - which is a sure sign he won't be The One (ed - Doesn't Obama already hold that title?).

Corey Dade has a puffer on Kaine in today's WSJ, which serves as more or less a counter point to Jim Geraghty's thrashing of Kaine yesterday on NRO.

Conservative Michael Gerson waded into the Veepstakes this morning writing that there is indeed a red-state Catholic Governor is well suited for Obama, but it's Colorado's Bill Ritter, not Virginia's Kaine. Why? Gerson writes:

But Kaine's performance on life issues is like watching a contortionist on a tightrope. He talks of "a presumption toward life and toward the protection of life," but says, as a government official, he must enforce existing law. So far, so good. But he has also said that, should the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade and return the issue to the states, he would veto new legislation outlawing abortion. Which means his moral views on the value of unborn life are so private he would overturn the will of the Legislature to ensure they do not prevail. This is not "pro-life" in any meaningful sense.

Eh. John Kerry came within 60,000 votes of winning the presidency as a pro-choice Catholic. Tell me again why Tim Kaine's position on abortion going to matter at all? Contra Gerson, Kaine's position abortion - and certainly Ritter's - could potentially hurt Obama by making him look even more radically pro-choice. But that too is fairly weak stuff. The bottom line is that Kaine's position on abortion is not going to affect Obama's chances one iota. - Tom Bevan