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Head Fake or Mistake for McCain?

dnclogo2.gifDENVER - If the rumors are true about McCain possibly picking his VP on Thursday, it would be a huge strategic mistake. Obama is going to be the story on Thursday night and the headliner on Friday morning, and McCain shouldn't try to fight it.

The McCain campaign and the Republicans have done a remarkably effective job of staying visible and stoking the Hillary fires during the DNC thus far, with ads, pressers and the like. But to try and elbow in on Thursday's event would be getting too greedy. McCain would be better off to tease his announcement heavily on Friday and announce it on Saturday (in time to get him some buzz on the Sunday shows). Another option would be to extend the tease into the following week to try and generate some intrigue and energy to the convention itself.

Anything is better than trying to big foot Obama on Thursday. It won't work. And it will cost him a huge media blitz he could otherwise have all to himself. Personally, I think the rumor itself is just another tactic for the McCain camp to stay in the news this week any way they can.

-Tom Bevan