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Chatter Over Hutchison

The rumors they are a flying. From the Houston Chronicle:

The latest flurry of speculation online and on cable television constitutes at least a third or fourth wave of chatter about Hutchison, whose name surfaces occasionally as a possible Republican vice-presidential candidate.

Hutchison, a delegate to next week's convention, will address the gathering in Minneapolis-St. Paul on the subject of energy independence on Sept. 3, her office announced Tuesday.

I wouldn't discount this entirely. Hutchison is a viable candidate, and just because we haven't heard about her much on the veep trail doesn't mean we should ignore these rumors entirely now. At the same time, we should expect this "flurry" in the days leading up to McCain's announcement.

UPDATE: Politico's Jonathan Martin shoots down the rumor:

Tis the season for the veep float, but Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) has not been any asked for any documentation of the sort typically handed over for vetting, according to a source in a position to know.