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Wash Post: McCain Decision Near

The Washington Post reports today:

"He's in a position to make [the decision] on short notice if he wanted to," said Charles R. Black Jr., one of McCain's top political advisers.

Two top aides to the presumptive Republican nominee said the decision is likely to be announced after Obama returns from Europe on Sunday and before the Beijing Olympics begin Aug. 8. They said the campaign fears that unanticipated events coming out of China -- whether in the form of athletic accomplishments or human rights protests -- could deflect attention from the announcement if it were made during the Games.

The Olympics conclude the day before the Democratic nominating convention opens in Denver, and the GOP convention begins in Minneapolis-St. Paul just four days after the Democratic gathering ends.

So why not make the announcement after the Democrats' convention, which ends on Aug. 28? The RNC Convention begins Sept. 1, giving McCain three days. A couple things perhaps. First, the conventions are so close to each other that McCain's announcement could get overshadowed by Obama's climatic acceptance speech at Invesco Field. Also, as the Post notes, there really isn't any "dead time" between the start of the Olympics and the DNC Convention.

But the McCain campaign might be giving the Olympics too much credit. Yes, there will be a lot of media attention initially and as the Games wear on, but not 24-hours a day. A McCain announcement in the middle of the Games would probably be just as effective as right before.