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Wait, McCain

That seems to be the advice circulating in GOP circle regarding the timing of McCain's VP announcement. From First Read:

-- Veep Timing: The CW was that neither candidate could name their running mate during the Olympics. But with Obama planning a week vacation sometime in August, now the betting is he'll either name his running mate just before he leaves for vacation (sort of odd, but it would allow a week's worth of attention ONLY on the running mate) or he'll announce just after (meaning, second week of Olympics?). It may be tough to break through the Olympics (especially if something unexpected happens), but if there is one political story that could break through, it would be a VP pick. As for McCain, the backseat driving advisers -- those who don't work for McCain but send him advice through the media -- are saying that waiting is still the best bet for the candidate who holds so few timing cards.

I've said before that waiting is probably the best of bad options. The timing is difficult for McCain, especially following a very bad week for him, but he should show some patience and wait.