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Todd Talks Timing For McCain

NBC's Chuck Todd explains why McCain might announce his candidate before the DNC Convention:

"Many Republicans say the traditional time frame for an announcement -- the days leading up to the GOP convention -- is not practical this year, because the Democratic convention ends so soon before the Republican gathering. It's unlikely, they said, that McCain would announce his pick the day after Obama gives his convention speech. And several McCain aides said they oppose the idea of making a vice presidential announcement during the Olympics. 'It's not that it wouldn't get covered. But if you are looking for a calm sea and no waves . . . you don't do it during the Olympics,' said one senior Republican adviser."

This backs up the Washington Post's reporting on the thinking in GOP circles, but I still wonder if giving that much credit to Olympic coverage is wise. The VP announcement is a great way to enter a convention and guarantees more than a week of coverage. Doing it before the Olympics will surely generate its own buzz, but that will disappear quickly.