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The 'Wait' Brigade

Jim Geraghty is none too subtle in his advice for McCain on the VP announcement:

Beyond who McCain should pick, I offer one easily-ignored bit of advice: Wait. Wait until the last possible second. David Frum wrote at length at how conventions are pretty much meaningless these days, offering suggestions on how to make them more relevant.

Imagine heading into the Republican convention with the veep buzz unabated. Every political junkie in the country, and probably more than a few non-junkies, would tune in the first two nights just to see if the news broke.

And then, on Wednesday night, with the entire political world waiting in breathless anticipation, and with all of the finalists in the convention arena, the curtain suddenly rises on...

A thought here is that the McCain campaign is getting a little panicky, following all the pro-Obama stuff. That would mean Obama is controlling events, instead of McCain controlling his own. Yet another reason to simply wait.