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The Parsing Continues

And the parsing -- more like the dissection -- of Obama's "Meet the Press" appearance continues with Chris Cillizza:

Conventional wisdom quickly formed: Obama was signaling his preference for an outside-the-Beltway pick (Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine or Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius) rather than a Capitol Hill type like Sens. Evan Bayh (Ind.), Joe Biden (Del.), Chris Dodd (Conn.) or even Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.). ...

Our guess is that no matter who Obama picks -- whether it is a fresh face or someone who has spent considerable time on Capitol Hill -- he will cast that choice as a change agent.

Of course Biden and Dodd (and to an extent Clinton) would be hard to cast as a "change agent." (Combined, Dodd and Biden have 68 years in Washington -- almost as old as John McCain!) But Bayh has the advantage of his governorship, which would protect him from GOP attacks as a creature of Washington.

But, as Cillizza notes, it doesn't really matter, and one reason why is that McCain can't exactly start criticizing folks for being in Washington too long.