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The Bayh Bandwagon

It rolls on, with this pro-Bayh column from Indy Star writer Matthew Tully, who writes:

Plus 1: Look at the resume: Two-term governor. Two-term senator. Member of the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence committees. Popular with Democratic and Republican voters. Good luck finding a better resume than Bayh's.

Minus 1: Despite his resume, Bayh hasn't built a substantial public policy legacy. Opponents could paint Obama and Bayh as a ticket that looks and sounds great but hasn't done much.

Plus 2: Bayh would reinforce the idea that Obama is serious about changing the toxic tone in Washington. Few politicians can match Bayh's reputation as a guy who plays clean, stays positive and shuns nasty partisanship. Additionally, he never veers off message, a trait expected and appreciated in a running mate.

Minus 2: With Obama playing good cop, he might benefit from a running mate who can play bad cop -- by throwing rhetorical bombs at the opposition when necessary. Bayh has many skills. But playing the role of political pit bull isn't one of them.

There are a couple more plusses and minuses. But check what Obama said about his running mate on MTP. Does Bayh square with what he's looking for? Gets pretty close.