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Raising Kaine?

Ben Smith and Amy Parnes report on the high level of interest Obama is allegedly showing in Virginia Governor Tim Kaine:

Kaine, an early Obama supporter whose biography nicely dovetails with the Illinois senator's, "ranks very, very high on the short list," said a source who has spoken recently to senior Obama aides about Kaine.

Kaine "is getting a critical examination," the source said.[snip]

Two Virginia Democrats close to Kaine, however, said Kaine and his staff believe that he is being very seriously considered, and that he and his staff had met with lawyers and submitted piles of documents to the campaign.

Another source familiar with Kaine's vetting said, however, that he hasn't personally spoken to Caroline Kennedy who, with Holder, heads Obama's search team.

Kaine's circle is "under the impression that he's being looked at very, very seriously but he's not the only one," said one of the two Democrats close to Kaine.

Downsides are obvious: no national security experience, only two and a half years as governor, and a virtual unknown outside of Old Dominion. Of course, all those things could potentially be offset if he could deliver Virginia. That's a very big "if," of course.