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Pros And Cons Of Veep Leaders

The L.A. Times today breaks down the pros and cons of all the leading candidates for running mates to John McCain and Barack Obama. The list includes 13 possibilities for Obama (including 4 governors and 7 senators) and 14 for McCain (5 governors, 4 senators).

Some examples:

For Obama:

Kathleen Sebelius ( Kansas governor)

Pros: As leader of a conservative state, she might be able to help Obama pick up a few Republican-leaning states.

Cons: Choosing a woman other than Clinton might alienate Clinton's supporters.

For McCain:

Tim Pawlenty ( Minnesota governor)

Pros: A popular governor, he could help McCain win Minnesota and maybe Wisconsin.

Cons: He has been criticized by some on the right who say that his record -- which includes the implementation of a "health impact fee" on cigarettes to help balance the state's budget -- is not in line with conservative values.

Check out the whole list.