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Pawlenty With the Momentum?

Michael Kranish writes in the Boston Globe today about the odds of McCain selecting Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty as his running mate. Kranish hones in on what very well may be the deciding factor in whom McCain chooses: the personal relationship McCain has with the potential veeps.

Since recent conventional wisdom has held that the two leading contenders are Pawlenty and Mitt Romney, it is the close relationship between Pawlenty and McCain, which dates back twenty years, that Kranish says may push Pawlenty over the top.

While Pawlenty brings other assets to a McCain ticket, most notably his hailing from the increasingly important swing state of Minnesota, Romney would appear to have the advantage in most other traits running mates bring to the ticket. Romney could help McCain significantly in Michigan as well as the West and his fundraising for the campaign has already paid dividends.

Kranish also notes Pawlenty’s downside in name-recognition. Romney is much more well-known, particular in Republican voting circles, and would not have to cost the campaign time introducing him to the rest of the country. If he picks Pawlenty, says Kranish, “McCain would have to explain why a little-known governor with little direct experience in foreign affairs is qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

Yet the momentum appears to be on Pawlenty’s side. And it can’t hurt that the most recent Presidential poll out of Minnesota showed McCain and Obama in a statistical tie in the state the GOP will soon hold their convention.

-Greg Bobrinskoy