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Pawlenty to NPC

As buzz grows around Tim Pawlenty's chances at being named John McCain's running mate, the Minnesota Governor will make a stop at the National Press Club next week, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported on Friday. Pawlenty, a two-term governor, will meet the media at the downtown Washington venue on August 6.

Pawlenty will focus on a critical swing group that could be key to rebuilding the Republican Party. The governor will focus his address on "Sam's Club Republicans," a reference to the Wal-Mart division that competes with Costco.

The increased buzz has led to speculation not only that Pawlenty is among those who remain on McCain's short-list for the number two slot, but also that an announcement one way or the other will come in a matter of days, not weeks.

Most suspect that McCain and rival Barack Obama could name their vice presidential selections before the beginning of the Olympics, on August 8, though McCain might wait until nearer to the start of his own convention starting the first week in September.

-Reid Wilson