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Obama's Quayle?

NRO's Jim Geraghty on Tim Kaine:

We may have our answer soon. If Obama selects Virginia Governor Tim Kaine as his running mate, he might as well write "NAÏVE IDEALIST" in fireworks above the announcement ceremony.Democrats and Obama's allies would inevitably do their best to put the finest lipstick on the oinker of a Kaine selection. But it would be a catastrophic mistake politically and a fascinating window into how faulty Obama's decision making is.

Essentially, Geraghty's point is that Kaine is too inexperienced and picking him would show that Obama doesn't think he has an experience problem.

Obama and Kaine would be the most inexperienced pair to hit Washington in modern history. Then-one-term-governor Jimmy Carter at least had Walter Mondale, who had been a senator for 12 years. Bill Clinton and Al Gore look like seasoned old pros by comparison.