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Obama's Four VP Principles

Madison Powers at CQ Politics writes a piece entitled "Four Principles for Selecting a Vice President" with some interesting analysis on the criteria Obama should use in picking a running mate. The four principles are:

First, neither candidate can choose a running mate who is on the wrong side of his party's official position on abortion.

Second, it would be a serious error to pick a senator from a state where a replacement from the state is not likely to be from the same party. That principle makes Virginia Sen. Jim Webb a bad choice.

The third principle is not to choose someone who outshines or embarrasses the candidate.

The fourth principle is that a VP candidate should add something to the ticket.

The conclusion Powers reaches is that Obama's best bet is Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed, stating:

Reed passes all the tests except the one about not being from a state where a governor of a different party will pick his successor if he moves up to the Vice Presidency. He burnishes the national security image and he is one of the least likely members of the Senate to cause embarrassment. He does his homework and he possesses consistent good judgment. His public statements and Senate vote on the decision to go to war in Iraq are splendid examples of both traits. He won't add a state of his own - Rhode Island is not at risk - but he can add at the margin in many places once more people see and hear him.

The fact that Reed hails from Rhode Island means that he does little to help Obama's attempts in the South or West and should be a significant reason why he may not be picked.

-Greg Bobrinskoy