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McCain's VP Buzz

From the reports we've seen, it looks as if the McCain camp pulled a "pump fake" on its VP choice yesterday to gin up some press - make that any press - in the face of the current bout of Obamania.

First they leaked to Bob Novak they might be choosing this week, then sources walked that notion back, telling Jonathan Martin it probably won't happen. Those two items coincided with a third report from Chris Cillizza's based on "sources close to the campaign" letting it be known McCain is meeting Bobby Jindal in Louisiana today.

What to make of this? First, it would be foolish for McCain to pull this arrow from his quiver right now just to try and blunt Obama's overseas trip. It won't have a measurable effect, and the McCain camp probably knows it. Second, it's clearly an advantage for McCain to be able to make his choice after Obama, and giving that advantage away at this point in the game just doesn't seem like a smart move.

I've seen people argue that McCain needs to make some daring, out of the box choice for veep, and others argue he should make a safe pick. I tend to agree with the former, though only to a point. He shouldn't try and get too cute, either with the pick itself or with the timing. Making a head fake this week to create a distraction is smart, but making the actual pick this week wouldn't be.