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Clinton Or Bust?

The backlash from Hillary Clinton supporters to the idea that Barack Obama could possibly consider another woman is on the surface baffling and underneath, sexist. ABC News reports that "some supporters of Hillary Clinton are voicing anger that Barack Obama may choose another woman for his vice presidential running mate."

Certainly it's understandable for Clinton supporters to believe that the New York senator would make the best vice president, but why should the gender of Obama's eventual selection make any difference in their opposition? Why is Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius any worse of a selection than Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine? Because she's a woman? That seems to go against all the barriers Clinton appeared to be knocking down in her exceptional -- though unsuccessful -- run to the Democratic nomination.

Lanny Davis, a former special counsel to President Clinton, made the argument in a Wall Street Journal op-ed yesterday that it's not that Obama can't win without Hillary Clinton, it's that he can't lose with her. But he was also quoted in the ABC News piece questioning how Obama could possibly select a woman over Clinton. The answer is in the opening paragraph of his op-ed. Davis notes in the lede that "comfort level between a president and vice president may be the most important factor of all." Anyone who witnessed the events of the Democratic primary process cannot deny there would likely be some awkwardness between Obama and both Clintons, no matter what they say now.