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Big Announcement from McCain?

Could today be the day? That's the buzz, at least from some sources. Here's CQ Insider:

Sen. Barack Obama's planned speech in Berlin is expected to lead the political news on Thursday, but there are some indications Sen. John McCain's campaign might be planning a surprise announcement.

First, he cancels his press availability on Wednesday.

Then, he cancels a previously unannounced trip to an off-shore oil rig in Louisiana.

And now he abruptly changes his schedule to appear in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday. The press wasn't told until the campaign plane was on the tarmac.

Will McCain pick his running mate on Thursday?

We shall see...

-Heather Wilhelm

BLAKE ADDS: If the idea is that McCain will steal Obama's world-tour thunder with a VP pick, he should hold off. The only reason McCain would want to come out now with his VP pick -- as opposed to, say, right after the DNC Convention -- would be to announce someone with impeccable economic credentials and try to gain ground with voters' primary concern. Otherwise, McCain will lose an invaluable opportunity to minimize Obama's post-convention bounce.