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"The Obama-Clinton event will take place in the town of Unity, in the southwest corner of a swing state that Obama hopes to carry in November. The symbolism goes beyond the town's name, as Clinton and Obama each won 107 votes there in the January primary." (Washington Post)

"'I'm going to give you a name that would make me jump for joy - Bobby Jindal. I did an interview with Bobby Jindal. He is the next Ronald Reagan if he does not change." - Rush Limbaugh, via The Hindustan Times

"The choice for John McCain's running mate is such a mystery that few people even know who is helping in that search. The Republican is leaning on a consummate behind-the-scenes player in Washington - attorney Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr. - for this maximum-discretion, minimal-disclosure assignment." (AP)

Ridge, Bush (as in Jeb) and Mel Martinez -- Joe Klein says McCain can't go with his top three. (HotAir begs to differ.)

Mike Huckabee gives an interview to Newsmax.

Rob Portman is considering a future run for either governor or Senate.

"The reformist image of Gov. Bobby Jindal, considered by Republicans a top potential vice-presidential choice, has recently taken a beating after Mr. Jindal refused to veto a sizable pay increase that Louisiana legislators voted for themselves this month." (New York Times)

"State Sen. Joseph Kyrillos (R-Monmouth), who served as director of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, says the former Massachusetts governor would be a good pick as Sen. John McCain's running mate." (PolitickerNJ)