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Tommy Thompson

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When Republicans Were Problem-Solvers - E.J. Dionne

WASHINGTON -- We interrupt this highly partisan and ideological moment with some contrarian news: President Obama is not the only politician who thinks that expanding access to...

Interview with Senator Tammy Baldwin - The NewsHour

Make a CommentListen: MP3JEFFREY BROWN: Next, we turn to politics.Judy Woodruff has another in our conversations with newly elected members of the U.S. Senate.JUDY WOODRUFF: Democrat Tammy...

Interview with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi - Rachel Maddow Show

THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOWSeptember 26, 2012 Guest: Nancy Pelosi RACHEL MADDOW, HOST: And thanks to you at home staying with us for the next hour. We`ve got Nancy Pelosi here...

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