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Shelley Berkley

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Vicious Nevada Senate Contest Nears Uncertain End - Michael Blood

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The TV ads thrum back-to-back, hour after hour: Republican Sen. Dean Heller wants taxpayers to subsidize oil companies. Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley is flipping...

Poll Shows Nevada Senate Race in Virtual Tie - Tim Hains

Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller and his challenger, Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley, are now locked in a virtual tie, according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll. Heller has the support of...

The Liberal Sisterhood of the Plundering Hacks - Michelle Malkin

Hey, remember when Nancy Pelosi and a gaggle of Democratic women vowed to eradicate Washington's culture of corruption? Tee-hee. Instead of breaking up the Good Ol' Boys Club, Capitol...

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