Hispanic Voters: Trends And Opportunities

Latinos Should Withhold Support From Democrats

Arturo Carmona, RealClearPolitics

Why Latinos Should Not Sit Out This Election

Maria T. Cardona, RealClearPolitics

"More Hispanic Than Thou"

Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics

Hispanic Voters in Colorado: Energized or Apathetic?

Hispanic Voters in Colorado: Energized or Apathetic?

In the days leading up to the 2010 midterm elections, an occasion when voters sent a message of rebuke to President Obama and his political party, the decidedly purple state of Col...(full article)

Latinos Should Withhold Support From Democrats

Latinos Should Withhold Support From Democrats

Given President Obama’s latest betrayal of the Latino community—delaying any executive action on deportations—it is time for Latinos to take a stand for the value of our own ...(full article)

Why Latinos Should Not Sit Out This Election

Why Latinos Should Not Sit Out This Election

Last week President Obama addressed the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Gala, the largest gathering of Latino elected officials, leaders, activists, and young Latinos worki...(full article)

Demographics, Hispanic Voters and the Midterms

Demographics, Hispanic Voters and the Midterms

One of the biggest stories of the 2012 election was the Latino vote -- how President Obama won Hispanics so convincingly; whether Republicans need Latinos to win future elections; ...(full article)

"More Hispanic Than Thou"

"More Hispanic Than Thou"

Last month, New Mexico’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Gary King, was at a private fundraiser when he shared an off-the-wall opinion about Gov. Susana Martinez, his Republi...(full article)

Part 5 of Carl Cannon's discussion with Jennifer Sevilla Korn and Maria Cardona.

Republicans and Democrats are competing for Latino votes nationwide.

Jennifer Sevilla Korn and Maria Cardona join Carl Cannon.

Find the votes you need to win with Univision: The Gateway to Hispanic America

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Language barriers and turnout rates make it difficult for pollsters to accurately predict what will happen....

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Trump insists Hispanics love him, but his rhetoric could not only hurt him in the East, it could also sink him in solid red states with rising Hispanic populations out West....

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He’s left plenty of breadcrumbs to walk himself back to a better, saner place. The question is if he’ll follow them....

What's In Hispanics' Economic Self-Interest? - Marilinda Garcia, Washington Examiner

The picture is bleak, thanks to policies that discourage job creation....

GOP Not Stopped Digging Their Hole with Latinos - Paul Waldman, American Prospect

Remember the Etch A Sketch? It's going to be awfully hard to shake up in the fall....

Republicans' Emerging General-Election Problem With Hispanics - Jeff Horwitt, WSJ

Jeff Horwitt: Without physically building a wall, Donald Trump has compromised Republicans' ability to appeal to Hispanic voters....

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Donald Trump has used the issue of immigration to help make himself the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, but his harsh rhetoric also has earned him the high...

Young Voters, Hispanics Up For Grabs in 2016 - Wolfgang & Dinan, Washington Times

Younger voters are emerging as the most volatile as both parties prepare for what could be a generational showdown in next year’s general election....

Clinton: Hispanic Outreach Sparks Online Backlash - Jonathan Easley, The Hill

A post about how Clinton is like your "abuela" is being widely mocked....

Will Latino Voters Support Jeb Bush? - Geraldo Cadava, The Atlantic

For most Republican candidates, a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border is both a performance and an education. Donning baseball caps with campaign slogans, they wish to be seen as leade...

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Republicans can't escape the math. The GOP won't win back the White House in 2016 without garnering substantially more support from Hispanic voters than it received three years ago...

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When Republicans began looking for ways to win over some of the Latino vote they so badly lost in the 2012 presidential race, their national party chairman pointed to a congression...

To Reach Latinos, GOP Must Alter Its Message, Tone - Maria T. Cardona, RealClearPolitics

The last part of five-day special report, "Hispanic Voters: Trends and Opportunities," running this week and sponsored by Univision. There is no doubt that the Latino electorate i...

Leaders in Divining Hispanic Opinion - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics

Sergio Bendixen’s middle name is Edward, but he’s been polling Latinos for so long that his unofficial middle name might as well be “Pioneer”—as in th...

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It may not have risen to the rhetorical heights of Barack Obama’s 2004 speech in Boston that electrified national Democrats, but Julian Castro’s keynote address at the ...

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A few factors typically decide the overall outcome of midterm elections: the president's popularity, economic conditions, and candidate quality. During some election cycles, howeve...

Winning Over Latino Voters: Relationships Are Key - Carl Cannon, RCP

Jacqueline Kennedy was fluent in Spanish (and Italian and French), linguistic talents that were put to good use by her husband’s 1960 presidential campaign. The glamorous young w...